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The Company

Founded in 1988, the Money Club was set before the days of e-commerce to find members the best prices by calling around manufacturers and wholesalers and using the purchasing power of their membership to negotiate lower prices.

With the launch of the new shopping web site, soon to be followed by our new travel site, we are providing our members with a searchable resouce of over 1 million products all paying cashback. Once you find what you are looking for you can simply make your purchase online and any cashback will be creditied your account. Alternatively you can call the shopping service on 01753 733 733 or use the simple online form to start them working for you to hunt down the best price not only online but also off line.

If they cant beat your price on qualifying products, they will send you a cheque for £25.00. This is a benefit of full membership and is not paid out during the one month trial, however once you upgrade your account any cashback earned since you joined will be creditied to you.

In Brief

We are a call center based discount shopping club with a web site to help our members find what they are looking for and to then use the call center to get their shopping adviser to call around to get the best price.


To ensure our members get the best prices possible of a wide range of goods and services


To constantly improve and find new ways to help our members save money

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